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What Our Customers Label

Our good customer, Mrs. Sucassi, just re-ordered her red on tan polyester labels. She uses them on the beautiful little girls' dresses she sews. Her professional sewing skills have secured a permanent spot in her local children's clothing store for these attractive dresses. Her lovely dresses are displayed and sold with her name and number prominently shown on her woven label. She tells us that the store requires a high-quality label, exactly as we provide, on all items before accepting anything for sale. Another of our customers also sews adorable little girls' dresses for her own shop. She has been using Heirloom Woven Labels for more than 15 years and has been doing professional sewing for children's clothes for over 20 years. Make your items have a professional look....use a professional woven label from Heirloom Woven Labels.

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