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Many of our customers are now ordering from our Designer Line for their handwovens. With the ability to take a short breath from the bustle of the holidays, weavers are getting back into the production mode. They know that we offer many color choices as well as a hand weaving loom design to adorn their labels. When someone has spent hours designing and weaving a unique piece of fabric, our weaving customers know that a woven label is superior and insures a totally professional look.

Mrs. Truniatells us she never lets her fine creations leave her hands without attaching one of our high-quality woven labels. It not only gives her articles a finishing touch but is a form of advertising for her small business, allowing potential customers to find her when they see her items in the market place or elsewhere.

Mrs. Trunia makes a variety of things, from scarves to large coverlets. Although she only needs 72 labels at a time, she re-orders routinely, so she can change the label text as well as colors.She says she usually sews the label onto her items with a tacking stitch in all four corners but sometimes likes to use a whip stitch on the edges to secure her label in place.

So, no matter what you make, don't forget toadd your unique, personalized label.

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