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Custom Labels


Because all custom labels are unique, we must give you a quote for your specific requirements. In order to do that we need the following information:


  1. The exact size of your label FLAT (even if you want it end-folded). Please let us know the length and width of your label.

  2. The amount of colors you need.

  3. The quantity you would like ( the minimum for a custom label is 500 labels)

  4. Send your artwork to us in a JPEG format so we can see what it involves. Send it to:


We will provide you with a quote which will be honored for 6 weeks. If you accept the quote, we will then need full customer information including payment choice. We charge half the cost of the order when it is placed on the looms for a sample to be woven. The balance is charged when your order has been fully manufactured and ready to ship to you.         


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